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Cellular Electrical Contractor


Renewable Electric Inc., provides you with efficient and cost effective services for all Cellular Communication Facilities. We install and service electrical systems for cell tower sites. We provide proper installation of the electrical service and back up generation for cell towers. We also provide installation of the grounding and bonding system for cell towers and equipment to provide lightning protection. Combined with extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of Cellular Communication Systems, Renewable Electric Inc provides full spectrum support for all types of antenna and line installations.

Our Cellular Electrical Contractor is responsible for the proper operation of a large group of Network Elements. Duties in support of interdepartmental objectives, to include:

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • New Builds
  • Raw Lands
  • Site Mobilizing
  • Generator Installation
  • Step/Step Down Transformers
  • Grounding
  • Transfer Switches
  • Emergency Services
  • Co-locations
  • Electric, Telecom and Fiber installation
  • Installation and clamping of power/control cables.
  • Thimbling and crimping.
  • Installation and clamping of conduits/channels.
  • Proper colour coding of wiring.
  • Installation of lighting fixtures.
  • Mains power supply.
  • Supply and installation of meter box, ACDB boxes.
  • Internal wiring of shelter / cage.
  • External wiring from change over switch to DG and to ACDB.
  • Supply and installation of aviation light and cable.
  • Anritsu certified sweep testing
  • Stealth concealment
  • Broadband frequency cabling services
  • Rooftop, churches and hospitals
  • All building rooftop installations