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Solar Systems are an investment in your energy use and consumption. These solar systems are often offset with rebates or financial assistance. If you are interested in powering your home with solar investing in a solar electric system for your home is the first step in making the power of choice. You are ensuring lower electric bills by tapping into the renewable resource of our sun’s energy.

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By Submitting your PG&E, We can give you a complete Solar Comparison based off your current usage and usage over the past few years.


Our Goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive Solar Quote you can get today! Renewable Electric is a leader in bringing Solar Savings to Homes and Businesses!


Solar Advantages

  • Reduction, Possible Elimination of Current Energy Bill
  • Completely Renewable Resource.
  • 25 year Warranty
  • Creates Absolutely No Pollution
  • Minimal up keep and maintenance